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Aligarh House has its roots in Aligarh – a small town in heart of Uttar Pradesh. Besides being a small industrial hub, the city has a deep historical importance. It is a melting pot of diverse Indian culture and traditions.

Our series of 'Cloud Kitchens' are dedicated to serve tastiest of foods from Indian hinterland to food lovers in Bangalore and other metropolitan cities.

We believe that the foods Indians love are those that are served in by-lanes of Indian Hinterland. No secret recipe from exotic lands makes the food the way it is. These recipes are known to everyone but only a few are able to perfect the art of using those recipes to eventually turn out the tastiest of food.

Aligarh House prides itself in perfecting this art. We add only those food items in our menu which India loves and which our chefs have perfected.

In Bangalore, we serve in selected locations as of now. We shall increase our reach soon.